• Martine Farrow

Organized & Stylish~October 2019 collection

Whether you're growing your business or collaborating on a project, it’s ideal to have a workspace that's organized and relaxing to work in. A tidy space not only helps keep your mind refreshed, but it can also boost your productivity. This collection will help you get your workspace organized and stylishly so!

Pixel Glass Mirror Storage Box

We all have those little knickknacks that clutter up our work space; the paper clips, pen collection, post-it notes, etc. Store them neatly in our beveled mirror glass box. This piece features a unique reflective pattern, along with a luxurious velvet lining in the box interior.

Pixel Glass Mirror Photo Frame

The perfecting pairing to the storage box, is our matching beveled mirror glass photo frame.

Together, these two pieces are a great duo to style your space!

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